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Luis has been living abroad and traveling since 1996/7, also at a young age (3-4) lived in Austria, and while living in Peru he constantly moved between locations. Luis has the heart of a traveler. Between 1997-2003, his travel destinations will include Europe and SouthAmerika Southern Pacific Coast. He grounded the first travelers club in 1999, the Travelers-Culture International Association, an NGO dedicated to bringing together world citizens and engaging together in positive impact projects. The association got dormant in 2003 when he moved back to Europe, Switzerland, but the club did not. The Lifestyle Travelers club continued. In 2012 more than 260 lifestyle travelers tried to do the impossible, to coordinate efforts to make a living while living abroad traveling. 1.5 years after the project got discontinued, due to the need for a system that would bring business, travel, adventure, culture, and leisure together. Between 2013-2016 Luis did organize a number of multidisciplinary archeology expeditions, some days, and others for months, in both Europe and Russia.  The Lifestyle Travelers Club now become a division of the Matrix-Q Ecosystem, a system that supports travel-preneurs: entrepreneurs that live abroad traveling and are dedicated to creating a positive impact.

The Matrix-Q e-Library of Travel-Adventures

For lifestyle-travelers an essential resource of information is travel reports, indicating the activities, traits, and eventually also perils at a specific travel destination, or warnings of all sorts, from blocked roads, and natural disasters, to vandals, revolts, strikes, or governments falling, and recently pandemic status.

But the most important travel reports for impact-driven travel-preneurs are both business opportunities, contacts, and positive impact opportunities. 

Along his journeys, Luis scouted locations carefully carried a diary and made travel notes or project notes that will be useful for other members of his travel club later. These notes are made together, today, a course for lifestyle travelers, and impact-driven travel-preneurs. To prepare them for all sorts of unexpected, changing conditions to be experienced "on the road".  Luis still provides advice to new travelers that aim for such adventures.

"A good travel story may save your life on the road one day" ~LDMF

Luis published a few books about travel, and most recently about his multidisciplinary archeology expeditions, which have been the source for his field research studies (nature-inspired knowledge and technology of ancient cultures and civilizations), and for his endless curiosity about the diversity of people, cultures, and natural landscapes.  

Not all his travel notes and experiences have been published yet. Instead, Luis is organizing expeditions and travel-preneurs training programs yearly. Members of the Matrix-Q MultiMedia e-Library may request specific information and reports on locations and expeditions.

Multidisciplinary Archeology Expeditions

At least once per year the Matrix-Q Ecosystem organizes an expedition dedicated to the study of nature-inspired knowledge and technology of ancient cultures and civilizations.

Luis schedules both private expeditions together with members of the Primordial Games platform and public expeditions with new members.

Destinations scheduled are both, locations where Luis was before, and new expedition destinations.

Along these special journeys, of 3-12 days or more, Luis introduces personally explorers to the art of Multidisciplinary Archeology (Matrix-Q Method), guides tours to natural landscapes, culture, and leisure activities, offers key-note presentations and courses, and organizes volunteer programs or impact-storytelling to create a positive impact at the locations he visits.


  • Russia
  • Israel
  • Nordic Locations
  • Germanic Locations
  • Alps
  • Mediterranean Locations
  • Iberic Locations
  • SouthAmerika Andean Ranges
  • SouthAmerika Southern Pacific Coast


  • India
  • China
  • Japan
  • Himalayan Locations
  • Egypt
  • Persia
  • Central Amerika
  • North Amerika
  • Amazon Rainforest


  • For 2022-2027 Luis has planned a number of expeditions to complete the next stage of his research
  • As well there are some locations previously visited that will become a destination again

Destinations in the Netherlands & Benelux

Luis lives in the Netherlands since 2016. He dedicated 2 intensive years (Sabatical) to write new publications, ebooks and research documentation, from his previouse expeditions between 2012-2016.

He grounded in the Netherlands the Matrix-Q Research Institute, aiming gather a multidiscplinary circle of researchers, leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs, for them together to build a new ecosystem dedicated to create a positive impact in the world. Between 2018 and 2020 Luis did focus on the development of the Matrix-Q Ecosystem and its first start-ups. Along 2020-2022 pivoting the impact of the pandemic, Luis stayed in the Netherlands and travel expeditions were cancelled.

From 2022 on Luis will be on the road again for explorations of few days to locations in Benelux.

Starting at his actual headquarters in the Netherlands, the city of Rhenen, a location with ancient history, and of great heritage value, for both culture and nature. Luis will schedule private tours, inlcuding special training to unique destinations  

Essentials for Explorers & Travel-preneurs

A unique training program, with coaching and mentorship included, was designed and facilitated by Luis , based on his travel, business, and expeditions experience.


  • Safety on the road
  • How to find the right travel operator (A private monitoring & safety service for lifestyle travelers)?
  • Survival 101
  • Lifestyle Traveler mindset for successful business on the road
  • Time management, and strategic planning, on the road
  • The Travel Culture: the magic of living abroad traveling
  • Adaptation, creativity, innovation, learning, empathy, emotional intelligence, and change capacity
  • Holistic lifestyle and happiness on the road
  • Preventive health practices, tricks, does, and don'ts on the road
  • Extreme survival for travel-preneurs
  • Legal information
  • Cultures and religions of the world
  • Gender diversity, consent, and sexuality on the road
  • Coping with culture shock, burnout, and trauma on the road