Matrix-Q Technology

Mini-SaaS Applications (Software as a service): Our customers purchase a license and we tailor-made content of the applications for them.


  • Human Inclusive: Our data-driven applications work hand-to-heart with Matrix-Q Specialist (human competencies trained). We provide capacity building to your human consultants.
  • Human Typology DNA knowledge
  • Human-enhancement-driven (we measure, predict, value, enhance and optimize human capacity) 
  • Matrix-Q DNA generator
  • Holistic thinking
  • Inclusive design: gender diversity 
  • Gamification ready: learn-play, impact-play, earn-play, work-life balance play, lifestyle-play
  • Data-driven holistic learning methodology, ideal for capacity building
  • Human Capital Valuation reports based on human (users) performance (9 Capitals/Resources of holistic capitalism framework) ideal for start-ups, C-Level capacity & performance valuation.
  • Assisted by Matrix-Q A.I. Engine 
  • OMICRON Program included: Data generation for Matrix-Q A.I. Trusted Advisor Engine & Service. Decision-making support: self-assessment of capacity (status), learning needs, blindspots, prediction of challenges, strategic alternatives

Index of applications

Mini-SaaS: Matrix-Q DNA Generator

Data-driven reports describing the holistic capacity and potential of your customers/employees/team

  • Tell us what you want to learn about your human capital, we design and develop the application you need
  • Examples: Coaching, training, consultancy, marketing, mentoring, team building, open space, board meetings, communication, startups, community building, co-working and co-living spaces, health prevention, innovation-design, thinking tools, emotional intelligence tools, and others

Mini-SaaS: Matrix-Q e-Test

Data-driven reports describing the holistic capacity and potential of your customers/employees/team

  • We generate an e-Test for any set of skills, capacity, competencies, knowledge or abilities you would like to test
  • For example learning, creativity, adaptation, empathy, innovation, change, positive mindset, work-life-balance capacity
  • We also measure human capacity for specific circumstances: for example adaptation to a new economic system  

Mini-SaaS: Matrix-Q e-Trainer

Skills are a matter of training. Practice makes the master

  • We create unique e-trainers for your customers/team/employees to practice specific skills daily.
  • For example learning, creativity, adaptation, empathy, innovation, change capacity, positive mindset

Mini-SaaS: Matrix-Q e-Learning

Holistic learning with a smart application. An ideal application for schools, coaches, trainers, consultants, researchers, and knowledge holders

  • We design and develop the content for your e-learning program.
  • You bring your own knowledge, and we translate it into a Matrix-Q Holistic Learning type of content
  • You will learn about your customer's capacity to learn, blind spots, limits, barriers, strengths, weaknesses, and patterns
  • With the data-driven reports generated, you can decide which is the ideal content your customers/employees or team members need

Mini-SaaS: Matrix-Q Project Management

Bring a team together to develop a project. Generate data and reports. 

Ideal for consultants, and coaches. As well as for organizations that want to develop projects internally.

  • Team management tools
  • Assign projects, customers, and challenges
  • Analyze the outcome generated by each team member
  • Analyze the outcome generated by your whole team

For example Human capital projects (research), assessment, valuation of human capital, marketing research, profiling, team building, customer assurance, community management, education, mentoring

Mini-SaaS: Matrix-Q Matching Tools

Match human capacity and mindset with products, services, teams or projects.

We design and produce the matching tool you need

For example 

  • Customers x products/services
  • Team members x jobs/projects/customers
  • Students x learning materials/games
  • Leaders x teams/community
  • Children x schools
  • Singles

Or simply give your customer the ability to learn about their own predisposition, patterns of behavior or capacity

For example:

  • Matching with SDG's Sustainable development goals
  • Leadership styles
  • Emotional intelligence 
  • Circular Thinking
  • Innovation Capacity
  • Holistic Learning
  • Multidisciplinary Research
  • Human Capital profiling

An ideal tool for companies that want to learn about their customers, teams, leaders or R&D

Mini-SaaS: Matrix-Q Advisor 

Generate automated advice for your customers/employees/team/community

  • We utilize Matrix-Q Algorithms to produce simple, direct, and quickly produced automated advice
  • With the possibility to upgrade to big-data analysts with Matrix-Q A.I.

You bring us your challenge

We analyze your information system and automated advice needs

An ideal tool for companies that want to automate assistance to their employees, teams, or customers 

Mini-SaaS: Matrix-Q e-Games

We gamify your organization with hybrid games and e-games

  • Learn-play: capacity building by playing
  • Impact-play: create a positive impact by playing
  • Earn-play: earn money by playing
  • Work-life Balance-play: keep balance by playing
  • Life-style-play: enjoy your own lifestyle by playing

We bring gamification to the next level

We utilize a hybrid game and holistic learning system

Hybrid games include board games, card games, field games outdoors, underwater games, indoor games, travel games, LARP Life action role play games, LARPO Life action role play online, Smart applications, e-mail-based games, animated story-driven games, roulette games, and e-games

Mini-SaaS: Matrix-Q Wallet

A wallet for your organization, community, or startup

  • Process transactions
  • Your users keep updating their own transactions history: purchases in your shop
  • Create a credits system in which your users purchase credits, to later trade them for services or products on your webshop/manually
  • You give your users total control of the management of their budget

Mini-SaaS: Matrix-Q Tokens

A wallet for the Tokenization of your organization

  • The Matrix-Q Tokens are not cryptocurrency
  • We create for you a system with discount coupons you can utilize to enable an inner economy in your organization, community, startup, family
  • You define what the tokens are for, we implement the system for you in your own wallet

Ideal for organizations, communities, or startups that would like to utilize an alternative paralleled economy system, develop their own inner economy model or economy games

If you are a holistic capitalist, and would like to utilize the 9 economies in your organization, this wallet is for you

Mini-SaaS: Matrix-Q Sleipnir

A holistic reports system

  • Register entries on your daily activities
  • Generate data-driven reports on your capacity to keep holistic management of your project
  • It is a multipurpose tool

This tool is ideal for personal diary, research, authors, trainers, coaches, project reports, team management, innovation, market research, customer relationship management, profiling, creativity

Mini-SaaS: Matrix-Q Time

A time management tool

  • Register your activities of the day
  • Generate a holistic data-driven report of your time management
  • Learn about the patterns you use for decisions and management of time
  • Explore your hormone shifts, cycles, and rhythms influencing your time management

Ideal for everyone interested to learn how to measure, predict, enhance, and optimize the capacity of time and process management

  • For teams and organizations, generate a collective time management report
  • Includes a procastination and habits change advice
  • Includes a time-management hybrid e-learning

Mini-SaaS: Matrix-Q Applications Generator

  • We create the smart application you want
  • We utilize the Matrix-Q Data-driven and holistic learning methodology