Albums for both digital music and live music recorded in studio

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We are completing the production of 4 more CDs (Albums) including 3 done in the studio, and one open-air production

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INCLUDES: Gold Collection 6 Albums

  • 1xAlbum 72 min, 9 songs. “Where is the gold? Drums of Peace” HandPan & Poetry telling improv about the history of wealth, a series of events that shaped human history, current global pressing issues and the destiny of humankind (Recorded at home, unplugged)
  • 1xAlbum 93 min 13 songs, “Returning home” Poetry telling about the traveler, its missions, challenges, and journeys. Games played in the river of time, while solving together, as a human collective, global, local, social & personal pressing issues.(Recorded on studio)
  • 1xAlbum 60 min, 9 songs, " Open Air, Drums of Peeace, Rhenen" Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken introduces the HandPan and Poetry telling to the city of Rhenen at the Henk Desysplein, for the Kleurrijk op Zaterdag, organized by the CultuurPlatform Rhenen. (Recorded in open-air, at Rhenen downtown square)
  • 1xAlbum 9 songs, 33 min “The Perils of Mr. Gender, Celebrating diversity" Poetry telling about human history on gender, gender identities and gender fluidity(Recorded on studio)
  • 1xAlbum 9 songs, 39 min, “The universal language of peace” Math, geometry & Frequency"Poetry-telling is about the journey towards the discovery of a language, to realize we humans are the message built with it within. (Recorded on studio)
  • 1xAlbum 9 songs, 33 min  “ Houses of knowledge, The 9 Divine Primordial Worlds ” Poetry telling about wisdom, knowledge, and technology of nature-inspired ancient, current, and future cultures and civilizations. (Recorded on studio

BONUS x 4 Albums

  1. (digital music) 1xAlbum 9 Songs " Golden Pulse"
  2. (digital music) 1xAlbum 9 Songs " The Flute of the Magician"
  3. (HandPan recorded at home, unplugged) 1xAlbum 9 Songs " Sojourn to the sun"
  4. (HandPan recorded open-air the 9th July 2022 at the Henk Deysplein, in Rhenen, unplugged) Drums of Peace, Includes brief explanations and mini workshop experience with the HandPan & Sensory Awareness